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The 1st National Award for Bullying Intervention
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York Marriott Hotel Wednesday June 11th 2014

Our successful annual conference returns!

Leading speakers, fresh new thinking and workshops from frontline practitioners.

Meet other members! Learn from award winners!

Workshops will explore

  • Girl Bullying and Friendship Issues
  • Workplace Bullying and Stress
  • Cyberbullying and e-safety
  • Dealing with sexting
  • Bullying in sport settings
  • Excellent Anti-Bullying Practice.

Presentations from local schools with insights into their current bullying intervention practice.

About the speakers

Sharon Girling OBE  is a co-author of a guide to dealing with sexting, she had a 30 year career as a police  officer working at the forefront of the national and international response to child abuse and developed processes and procedures that led to the creation of CEOP. She is the child protection advocate for the International Foundation for Online Responsibility, an adviser for Securus Software Ltd and Group Assurance manager at Compass Community.

Val Mcfarlane, former Education Welfare Officer, Regional Adviser for Anti Bullying Alliance has years of experience in dealing with bullying, training schools and in running accreditation schemes. Val is an expert in understanding Girl bullying and friendships. She is a director of BIG Award, the national award for excellence in bullying intervention.

Vicki Cheetham is an anti bullying consultant with extensive experience working with schools and valuable face to face experience of working with children and young people on live cases. Vicki is a director of BIG Award.

Adrienne Katz is a former Regional Adviser for the Anti-Bullying Alliance, and runs the Cybersurvey, an online survey tool exploring young people's experiences of cyberbullying. She is the author of 'Cyberbullying and e-safety: What educators need to know' and a director of BIG Award.

Neil Campbell Neil is the Principal of Paradigm Campbell Associates, The Paradigm Bereavement Academy & The Campbell Foundation. He is a Counsellor, Counselling Supervisor, Trainer, Course Designer, Staff Mediator, Support Group Facilitator & Leadership Mentor with experience of lecturing at Universities. He is currently in the 4th year of a PhD.

Mark Mierzwinski,  

Lecturer in the sociology of sport, York St John University. Mark is a member of the Unit for Child and Youth Studies at York St John University. As a former elite footballer, Mark has first-hand insights into a spectrum of sporting sub-cultures. These experiences have informed Mark’s research interests into sport and inclusivity, with a particular focus on bullying in sport.  Mark is completing a PhD that focuses on bullying in physical education and school sport and through this process he has developed an understanding of key research within the field of bullying in the context of sport. 





Enquiries please email val.mcfarlane@bigaward.org.uk

Telephone 07870499275


Bullying Intervention Group can offer training in all aspects of bullying intervention:-
Evaluations of recent training days: Salford March 2012

BIG Director Vicki Cheetham in York


Bullying involving children with SEN
Current research and trends
• Raise awareness 
• Involve all children and young people
• Help children with SEN communicate what has happened
• Types of bullying involving children and young people with SEN
• Practical strategies 


Bespoke Training

We offer a range of bespoke training to individual schools and organisations. Please contact us for further details.

Please book early as our calendar books up very fast! info@bullyinginterventiongroup.co.uk




Level 4 Certificate Course 

NEW! We are proud to offer a new Level 4 certificate in Anti-Bullying Mentoring of Young People! 

This is the first course of its kind. 

Please make enquiries at info@bullyinginterventiongroup.co.uk
About the authors


Understanding Girl Bullying and Friendships
• Current research and trends
• How girls and boys differ in their friendship and bullying issues
• How to deal with the “girl group fallouts”
• Girl group dynamics and relational aggression
• Practical strategies to deal with girl bullying

Val McFarlane speaking at York St John University

Cyberbullying and e-safety

  • The rapidly changing context
  • How behaviour changes online
  • What young people tell us
  • How our e-safety approach needs to change
  • Policies and procedures including Serious Incident Protocols
  • What Ofsted will inspect on e-safety
  • Analyse real life cases and explore how to respond

This course is provided for BIG Award by Youthworlks Consulting, a registered CPD provider.



The BIG Award Whole School Approach

  • Influences on young people's behaviour
  • Who should be on a BIG Focus Group?
  • Policy and procedures
  • Ofsted inspections on behaviour
  • The criteria BIG Award looks for
  • Prevention and Response
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Engaging parents pupils and staff
  • Successful resolving of real life cases

 Twilight sessions and Inset days offered, Anti-Bullying Policy workshops, Parents' Evenings.


Peer Support
• How to set up a peer support scheme
• Training requirements
• Practical requirements
• How to sustain a successful peer support scheme
• How to train peer supporters as mediators




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